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What is BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net?

Shopping for your books can be hard, especially if you wind up using multiple sites and not knowing which site or vendor has the best price. BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net solves this problem by helping to show you what prices are the lowest on the web from reputable and trust worthy sites.
BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net is a price comparison site which finds the cheapest retailers for the books you're looking for. It is the only book comparison engine that thoroughly searches the world's best merchants in order to find you the cheapest price on the books you're looking for. Using our intuitive search all you need to know is what book you're looking for and we'll cross compare prices to bring you the best possible deal.

How does it work?

BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net compares prices from Amazon, eBay, Half.com, Chegg, Better World Books and BookRenter.comĀ  to give you the best possible price for the books you're looking for. All you have to do to get started is enter a title, author name, ISBN or keyword. Results will be processed and displayed to you, showing the most relevant results first. If the vendor has the book but it is out of stock, you will see the "Out of Stock" status next to the title.
After you view the results simply click the book title or the "Get Prices" button on the right hand side of the results. This will automatically find the top 5 lowest prices--from whichever vendors are offering the best deals. No more searching multiple sites one by one for multiple books or wasting countless hours at the computer scouting for a deal. BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net allows you to search the web's top online vendors all at once in order to find the very best deals on your books.

Does It Really Find The Cheapest Textbooks?

Absolutely! BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net was designed to help you find cheap college textbooks by allowing you to compare cheap textbook prices across the web's top online vendors. BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net will search for your title, compare prices and only deliver the cheapest possible prices from each site and sort them descending by their price--the cheapest options first and the more expensive options below it.

How Do Your Book Reviews Work?

BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net pulls the most relevant and most recent reviews from our partner, Amazon.com, to help you make a more informed buying decision. Our reviews are not submitted by users of this website, just by visitors and customers at Amazon.com.

What If I Can't Find My Book?

BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net searches vendors and only brings back results if the vendor has the item in stock. Vendors like Amazon for example might return results on their site, using their search, but they won't necessarily have the item available and in stock. BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net takes note of this and doesn't waste your time--you'll only see results if there's a book available for purchase.

How Can I Tell My Friends About BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net?

That's easy! If you want to share BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net with others who want to save money on their books, you can join our fan page on Facebook by clicking here. If you want to bookmark BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net on Digg, Reddit or email your friends and family you can click the "Tell & Share" button at the very top of this page.

Is Renting my Books or College Textbooks a Good Idea?

In recent years rental options for books have become increasingly popular. Many people want to take advantage of lower prices and not have to deal with the sell-back process at the end of the semester. For this reason using rental services like Chegg or BookRenter.com is a great way to save money and make dealing with your textbooks easier. Likewise these services can be used for normal reading books as well but if the rental price exceeds the price of just purchasing it you might as well buy it and re-sell it (this way you break even!)
If you choose to use a rental service always make sure you pick the appropriate time frame to keep your books. If your school is run on trimesters, quarters or semesters make sure you take this into account so you have enough time to use the book. When you're finished with your college textbook rentals you can ship them back for free in the same box you received them in...so make sure you save your box to make the whole process easier!

What Vendors Are You Affiliated With?

BuyUsedCollegeBooks.net.com only displays results from highly reputable, trusted and affordable book retailers and rental services. Here are the vendors and textbook/book rental services we currently search for the lowest prices possible:

Better World Books

All of the sites we compare prices with are trust worthy and highly reputable in the book and textbook industry. While it's true you may purchase a book through either eBay or Amazon from an independent retailer, you should have no problem getting low prices from reputable vendors on these sites.