How to Buy Used College Books Dirt Cheap

If you are going off to college this year you’ll need to harness every money saving strategy under the sun. One of the cash munching expenses all college students face is the ever rising cost of college textbooks. So I’m going to share a few ways to save money and still get the books you need for your class.

The first thing you want to do is ask your friends where they purchased their books. Word-of-mouth of course is one of the best ways that you will be able to find the best prices on the books that you’ll need. If you have similar courses as your roommates or anyone in your dorm you want to ask those peoples where they purchased their books.

The second thing that you would need to do is check thrift stores in the area sometimes you’ll be able to find used college books especially if you’re in a busy metropolitan city. However it’s usually hard to find the newest additions which most of the professors require nowadays so it does make it a little difficult to find what you need in thrift stores.

Some professors are lenient in regards to editions , so you may want to check with your professors to see if the older versions or editions of the books that you need will suffice for their class. I’ve had several professors who have allowed me to use older editions of the same textbooks which saves you considerable amounts of cash.

The third way to really find books at great prices is by using a book comparison search engine online. This is a great way that you can locate books at the really, really discounted rate. I find that I’m able to save a considerable amount of time by searching across multiple online stores via these comparison shopping engines rather than clicking back and forth between multiple sites to find the best price.

One of the things you want to consider in pricing your used college books online is also the shipping cost. A lot of the comparison shopping engines will show you the prices of the books but won’t show you the prices for shipping and shipping does get expensive. So there are a few ways that you can save a couple of dollars on your books I definitely recommend online comparison shopping engines that’s the best way to go when it comes to saving a lot of money. But also one of the other tips I really want to give is you should absolutely consider renting your books versus purchasing. Renting your books is really a really great deal and I think that is the best way to eliminate the huge costs especially of those books that cost hundreds of dollars on its really a great way that you can save some nice cash.

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"I priced out all the books I needed for this semester at my university's bookstore based on their USED prices, and I still saved $250 using the site! Why do math books have to be so expensive? It stinks being a math major sometimes... but thanks for your help!"

-- Julie Venkman